Saturday, April 16, 2016

Some days, I wonder why I am so interested in cars. Most girls my age like make up or are obsessed with boys or want to get their nails done. Don't get me wrong, I like those things, but I would almost always choose cruising around or working on a car with my boyfriend or dad anyway. I think I have a passion for cars because my dad used to have race cars and he owns a body shop. I remember going to the race track when I was itty bitty. I was there every weekend, so I kinda just latched on to it. There's something so intriguing about cars to me. It must just run in my blood. My boyfriend is also a huge car guy. All he does in his spare time is work on his car and put more money into it. He is constantly talking about cars to me and we love to go to car shows together. I guess my love of cars must have stemmed from my life experiences and the men in my life. Somehow the love has cars has just stick to me. I have found a love and passion for cars that will forever grow everyday.

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